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Colorful illustrations that were developed to replace pre existing line icons. Larger illustrations created for flows and larger screen spaces.

Role & responsibilities

Visual design and illustration.


Take product concepts and give them life as icon illustrations. Use an evolved system color palette.


These icons were sometimes based off of line art counterparts. Most of these started off as quick sketches. If the icon existed as an older line art style icon it was reinterpreted as a full color illustration.

What we shipped

I added both sets of illustrations to the available Sketch library. When a team needed something new we would brainstorm, create then ship the new illustration to the library.

Build Your Own Watchlist iOS screen
Smaller 48px x 48px illustrations for product values.
Build Your Own Watchlist iOS screen
200px x 200px illustrations for intro screens in product flows.

What I learned

These illustrations started their life as design elements that would add more color to the very white and blue look of our apps. They can bring life to blander screens and add a bit of personality. The next step is to add subtle motion to these.

Selected Work


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