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Motion and animation at SoFi didn't really exist as a function in the product design team before I joined. I'm a cross functional contributor to anything that moves at SoFi. From micro interactions prototyped on mobile devices to animated icons and short product sizzle reels.

Money Beta Sizzle Reel

Role & responsibilities

Animator, motion design, screen design.


Collaborate with the SoFi Money team to bring static screens to life for a product sizzle reel


We started with defining the story we wanted to tell. We didn't have a time-limit but we felt like we could tell a great product story in about 60 seconds. From there we sketched out storyboards that would tie our screens to our story. I worked up an animatic that started to define the timing of the overall video and setup the quick feedback loops with the rest of the Money product owners.

Once the timing and story screens were locked up I shifted gears to plussing up the screens with UI animations that helped to make the UI more alive and showed micro interactions we had envisioned for the product.

We brought in some audio to help polish off the entire story. Added intro and outro cards. Made some final timing tweaks and finished the video off. The entire process took 2.5 days of solid work.

What we shipped

We uploaded our sizzle money video to YouTube as part of a press deliverable for Fast Company.

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