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Fitbit is all about encouraging health and fitness by using data to track your personal progress. Working on products that help millions of people reach their goals is very meaningful work. Its hard to miss the impact that Fitbit and their devices have had on people worldwide.

Fitbit App Dashboard

After 7 years the Fitbit App dashboard was in need of a refresh. Our goal was to break the dashboard down into customizable tiles. Each feature could get summarized into that tile for glanceability. Tapping on a tile would let you dive deeper into the data.

This project was a very big step for Fitbit. We relied heavily on prototyping and A/B testing with a variety of users. We used this data to help refine our updated dashboard over the course of the project. Making specific design decisions where we saw added value from our UX tests.

Device Animations

The Fitbit Surge was the first device to have a wildly animated goal celebration. This was a tight collaboration between design and engineering. Not only did we have visual challenges with only 1 color but we had performance restrictions. Our animations needed to be both highly performant and look great. I also contributed some ideation to the Fitbit Blaze device animations. Including celebration moments as well as navigational explorations.

Design System

The Fitbit design team decided to invest in a core design team. Myself and another designer along with a handful of engineers combed through our iOS and Android apps and touched nearly every screen in an attempt to optimize our design components. We provided Sketch files for designers and built code ready components for feature team engineers.

Fitbit Connect

Setting up your Fitbit device wasn’t the best experience in the past. With new devices came better Bluetooth. Better Bluetooth let us do a better job at pairing your device. I helped rebuild the onboarding experience on both desktop and mobile. We optimized around being able to know your device and find it faster. We also engineered it to use an online CMS to control screens so we could make modifications without shipping a new app and to make on the fly changes when data showed people having problems with their onboarding.

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