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At SoFi we are building products to help our members get their money right.

SoFi Core Team

At SoFi I'm on the core team. We are responsible for the definition and creation of the SoFi Design System. This design system includes Sketch libraries of common components for the web as well as mobile.

Design System

The SoFi design system started in the summer of 2017. We did our first major update in the fall of 2017. We started to ship new product experiences with our Design System in the summer of 2018. In 2019 we are continuing to ship an updated visual design to all our features.

The success of the SoFi Design System is dependent on collaboration from all parts of the SoFi product design team. We work closely with our design team partners to make sure core components and patterns are being used correctly. We work with engineering to make sure what built matches our design spec. Finally we partner with user research to make sure the design decisions we are making move the needle for our members. This means prototyping often and getting feedback from our members.

SoFi Mobile App Screens

Animation at SoFi

Selected Work


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